Wednesday, November 24, 2010

It almost looks good enough to eat... know, except for the fact that it's made out of yarn.

Yes, my friends, I can now crochet waffles!  Why you ask?  Well, I found this pattern the other day to make a waffle-y thermal scarf.  But, since I live in Arizona and already have too many scarves (well, relatively), I didn't really want to make a whole scarf for myself.  I just happened to have this awesome orange yarn and voilaLe waffle!  
Good thing the nephews have a play kitchen in need of some breakfast foods...

Happy Thanksgiving tomorrow, everyone!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Make Your Voice Heard!

Now that I've gotten you all sucked in with that wonderful title, I have a question for you: What is your opinion of these slippers?  (Sorry I can't put an actual picture on here.  Just go to the link.) 

I can't quite decide whether I like them or not.  I really want to make them, but don't know if I would actually wear them.  What do you think?

Thursday, November 11, 2010

I Am an Adult

I'm currently in the start-up process to become a volunteer at Banner Desert hospital (down on Dobson and Southern).  I decided that I might as well do something worthwhile with all the glorious non-school time I have right now.  So, today was step #3 (I think...somewhere around there): the health screening.

Dun dun DUNNN!!!!

Really, it wasn't that bad, but they did do a TB skin test (where they shoot you up with TB particles...or something...let me go consult my disease textbook and I'll get back to you on that one) and take what seemed to me to be a large amount of blood.  Really, how much do you need to check for chicken pox antibodies?  Whatever.  The moral of the story is that I did it, did not pass out (I have a bad history with blood donation), and even went to a 2-hour orientation session afterward and drove myself home.

For some of you, this may seem like nothing special.  But to me, it was a big deal.  I actually feel adult.

Haha, only took me 22-odd years.   

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Winter is a-comin....someday

I got a new hat pattern in my e-mail the other day and it looked cute and easy enough to make.  So, I broke out my crochet hook and got to work.  Here is the result:

And it even matches this scarf I made last year!

Man, I'm going to look cute.  You know, once it's cold enough to actually wear these.

Trial and Error

A few weeks ago, I was hungry and feeling slightly vegetable-deprived, so I decided to give this a go:
Doesn't it look inviting?  And...healthy?
My opinion of V-8: Disgusting.  
(No offense to those of you who like it.)

I could only drink about 1/3 of it before I gave up and had to eat a mellowcreme pumpkin to get the nasty taste out of my mouth. 

Just in case any of you were wondering about my feelings on the subject.

Another Fond Farewell

I've been trying to decide how to update this thing.  Should I do one huge post, or a bunch of little ones?  Since my posts tend to be ridiculously long even when they're current, I'm going to change it up a bit.

Story of October that I meant to blog about forever ago #1: My Black Shoes

I have a pair of black flats that I've really loved.  They were cute!  And fancy-looking!  (Hooray for patent leather!)  But, as you can see, they were looking a little....sad.

I was determined to keep these shoes as long as possible.  Then, one day, I noticed that they felt a little lopsided...hmm...
Why yes, that is a chair pad on the bottom of my shoe.
The actual heel came off somehow (beats me), so I tried to replace it.  My dad suggested the above solution, but it wasn't quite the same.  So, I had to say good-bye to my beautiful shoes.  *tear*

Don't worry, I've already found new ones to love. :)