Saturday, June 2, 2012

GRE Scores and Dates (and not the fruit kind)

Hi people!  Yes, I'm a slacker, I know.  So, I took the GRE the first weekend in May (really, it's been that long already?) and got my results back...last week?  I think.  Yeah, I'm pretty sure it was a week ago today.  Anywho, I did surprisingly well, especially considering how I felt while taking the test.  {How am I supposed to know whether or not this one paragraph in a super long article is supporting a point from five paragraphs ago in 1 minute or less?}  So yay for that!  I definitely will not need to take it again, which is good.  However, my plans may be changing soon.  You see, I've started dating this boy.

He's kind of (really) awesome. 

I like him a lot. :)

Dating was really weird at first, I must admit (I'm hoping others will agree with me on this), but now that I've had some time to get used to the idea it's fun.  Who'd've thunk--dating is a fun thing!  I really only have a picture or two of him (and none of the two of us), so once I get some good ones I'll put them up.  Probably.  Mwahahaha.  Until then, if you need more details you can find me and ask.  (I don't really feel like putting all the gory details out there for the world to see.)

So, in a nutshell, things are good.

Carpenstein out.