Wednesday, April 28, 2010

It's the Final Countdown!

(For all of you now thinking of Zach, here you go.)

I've decided that I'm going to countdown all of my finals. Here. On my blog. (As well as in my head, of course.) That way, you can all share in my excitement. Can you feel it yet?

As of today, I have 5 "finals" left (only 2 are actually comprehensive):

5. Dance (meh--comprehensive, but it's just dance)
4. Art History
3. Human Development
2. Jazz in America (online)
1. Med Chem

Yeah, can you guess which other one's comprehensive? At least I have a lot of time to study...

I am almost graduated!!!! YAY!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

What can I say, I'm a sucker


Plus lots of:



(Thank you McCormick and Wikipedia for the pictures!)

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Blessings Galore

Oh man. So, yesterday was...difficult. You really don't need all the details, just take my word on it. I had a big nasty test in med chem and was not feeling that great about it--I felt like I was making up most of my answers and made the mistake of looking at my notes immediately after (as I booked it to my next class). Yeah, probably not going to do that again. Other stuff happened, blah blah blah, whatever. Not so great to begin with, but the day got better as it went along.

Today, I was at work and ran out of actual work to do. So, I decided to see if grades were up yet (that's one nice thing about Skibo: [*cough cough cough* Excuse me for a minute, "Skibo" and "nice" so close together is a bit difficult to process] he gets things graded and returned pretty quickly). They were. And I actually did much better than I thought I would! Just for a point of reference, I got the same score on this test that I did on the first one. That score was also around (or maybe just higher) than the highest score I got when I had Skibo for o chem. So, I was pretty stoked about it. Then I decided to double check the grading curve on the syllabus (for med chem), just for kicks and giggles.

Guess what? I think he changed the curve! Because instead of being just below that elusive A-, I now have an actual A. How did that happen?! I feel seriously so blessed. It almost makes me feel like I don't deserve it, for all the complaining I do. But I guess I have put in some effort, so maybe I do. I am so grateful for the Lord and all of His help in my schooling. It may sound weird, but it's true. There is no way that I could have had the success I've had without some major help.

Oh, and today has been AWESOME besides that. I got to come home and break out all of our old toy kitchen stuff with my nephews. I got to lounge about at work, which made me feel guilty, but was really nice regardless. I balanced my checkbook in about 5 minutes. And the weather right now is gorgeous. I love clouds!

All in all, today more than makes up for the stress and challenges of yesterday. Thank goodness for the gospel and the Lord. I don't know where I would be without them!

A happy day to you all!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Look at what I've got!

(Imagine that title in a sing-song voice)

Haha! (say that kind-of like "Aha!", but with an extra "h") I get honor cords! I thought they were only for the actual "Honors" students who do way more work than is necessa--I mean *ahem* like a challenge. But I guess I qualify. :) And just think of how nice they'll look as a window treatment...

Just so you all know, I'm getting ridiculously excited about graduation. I think I've just realized how much work I've put into this whole college thing. And I'm almost done! (Hopefully.) Yay for me!

Monday, April 19, 2010


Oh heavens, I just read today's post on Cake Wrecks. If anyone needs a laugh, I highly recommend following my example. Trust me, this one is awesome. You can thank me later.


I'm really sick of chemistry right now. (Can you guess what's coming up on Wednesday?) Just thought you'd all like to know. :)

In other news, I got a pretty awesome graduation countdown thing over there. -->
You should check it out. Thanks Katy!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Aww...I was doing so well...

So, I just got back from a YSA party/cook-off thing. I was really only planning on staying for a few minutes, but got sucked into playing games. Yeah, I know, the nerve of those people making me have fun. In the first game we played, everyone tied a balloon to their ankle and tried to pop everyone else's balloon while keeping theirs inflated. I expected to be out pretty early, but somehow I won. Don't ask me how--there were some pretty big guys playing and I was the only girl in there for the last little while. (Talk about scary...)

For the rest of the time, I kept my balloon on as badge of honor. Yes, you heard me right. Badge of honor, my friends. And a lot of people actually kept trying to pop it. Apparently I'm good at evasion or something, I don't know. Well, I was trying to keep it on so I could show my family when I got home. We were almost to the car when my balloon popped. I was so sad! I was doing so well! But, at least I still have the string and partial balloon tied to my ankle.

(Yeah, my foot looks really ugly. Don't mind that part.)

Semi-triumphant Dr. Carpenstein out. (To study med chem. Blergh.)

EDIT: I just realized that this post is really braggy. Sorry about that!

Monday, April 12, 2010

And the winner is...

(That's C) The back end of a hippo, for those of you who can't tell.)

Isn't this the cutest thing you've ever seen?
He doesn't have a name yet, but it's a distinct possibility that he will soon be the property of a nephew, so I figured I'd leave the naming up to him.

Look at his little tail!

(Sorry, just had to post this one.)

I saw a pattern book at Michael's a while ago and tried to resist, but I couldn't. I didn't even know you could crochet stuff like this. And you know what? It's super easy! I'm so excited! As are my nephews--I already have a few orders. :) Don't worry, I'll let you know when I make more.

The end of the semester can't come soon enough...

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Name That Object!

Hey folks, welcome to today's show! Here's the picture. Take a good look at it now.

Ready? OK, now it's time to...NAME THAT OBJECT! [applause]

Is this object:
A) An elongated acorn nut?
B) A very small hat?
C) The back end of a hippo?

Stay tuned to find out!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Excuse me?!

Ok, I just found out that at least 3 of my finals are at...wait for it...7:30 a.m.! Are you kidding me?! Two of them aren't even finals, they're just Unit 4 tests and will take a whopping 30 minutes. Really, ASU? Just giving me some fond memories to remember you by?

Argh. Sorry for complaining. Just had to get that out.

Hope you're all having a good day! :)

Mirror, mirror, on the wall...

Scene: My dance classroom, before class has started. Me and my dance peeps are standing in our usual circle talking. (By the way, "K" will stand for one of my friends. Just so you're not confused.)

K: [turning to me] Do you have a mirror?
Me: Um...[thinking through the contents of my backpack] no.
(Here I think, "Ok, I know there are mirrors in the bathroom. Maybe I should suggest that.")
Me: [about to suggest the bathroom mirror theory] Wait a second--those two walls over there are covered in mirrors! Maybe you should, you know, go use them.

It made me laugh that it took that long for one of us to notice the abundance of mirrors in the room. Yeah, we're smart.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Just Add a Little Mayonnaise...

I just saw a headline on the MSN homepage saying to add mayonnaise to a chocolate cake to give it a "flavor boost".


"Oh, it's just a fat," my mom said.

No, it's gross.

It's chocolate cake! You don't ruin something as good as chocolate cake with something that smells as nasty as mayonnaise! Blech!

That is all.