Friday, October 14, 2011

This Baby is Too Big...

A bit ago, I tried out a pattern to make a doll purse/cradle.

Look, it's a purse!

Now it's a cradle!
Cute, right?  Well, there was one slight problem: finding a baby to fit inside.

This one wouldn't work, for obvious reasons.

I know it's probably morbid, but this makes me laugh really hard.

Too bad, too--that baby is really cute.  Guess we'll have to go with this one:
Ah...much better.
Good thing Walmart didn't fail us on the second try.


Yes, I know--that title is just the essence of creativity.  But, it is nonetheless descriptive.  I've had this whole week off of work.  (I decided to use some of my vacation time to create my own "October Break".)  It has been fabulous!  I've been getting all sorts of things done.  I will now leave you with a list of random samplings from my week, as well as some pictures.

This week I've:
  • Made a hat for Nephew T
  • Washed my car (Lucy's first bath!  Except then it sounds like a child instead of a car, but you get the point)
  • Made something else that will remain a secret for another, eh, 2 weeks
  • Made up my own pattern (if you really want to call it that) for a crocheted flower
Isn't it cute?
  •  Got some new music
  • Sewed (most of) a skirt
  • Watched a few movies (Penelope, anyone?)
  • And organized my yarn stash
Guys, I think I'm turning into a yarn hoarder.
Yes, that entire basket is full.

These wouldn't fit in the basket.

This was a gift, and it all fits in the original bag so nicely...

My current project--in yet another bag.
Eep!  Soon it won't all fit in my closet!