Friday, January 22, 2010

A Rainy Day with the Carpensteins

Ok, originally this was going to be a short post about how some birds pooped all over my car at work today. And I mean ALL over. See?

(That's just one view. There was lots more.)

And then I went inside and more interesting stuff happened. So, let's see where this post goes.

It all started with my little brother. Here he is.

About 30 seconds after I walked in the door, Zach says "Let's go ride bikes." Being the wonderfully spontaneous *ahem* person that I am, I say yes. (I can't even remember the last time I rode a bike, so this is bound to be an adventure.) After lots of staring at the air compressor and one phone call to the daddy, we got some tires pumped up and Zach's friend Spencer joined us for our ride.

Ah, the memories that came flooding back riding down our street on the way to the park. (Only this time it was cold.) Seriously, I was worried I wouldn't even be able to stay upright on that thing. But, turns out the whole "just like riding a bike" saying is true. We pedaled our way through the neighborhood and made it to the park (even with the wind almost knocking us over). I wish I'd had my camera with me once we got there. I may have to go back tomorrow and take a picture of Lake Emerald Park. Gotta love that rain! :) After looking at all of the water, we rode back home so we could feel our faces and hands again. Here's us in the garage after our ride.

(Sadly, this was the best picture of me with the bike.)

Zachy really likes our old school bike.

Admire my wind-blown hair!

After we warmed up, my parents left for some scout dinner, leaving us children ("the three younger ones", as we used to be called) to feed ourselves. Scary, I know. Want to know what we came up with? Well then, you're in luck, because I took *pictures!* (That's my sing-song voice, in case you wanted to know.)

We had:
Leftover beans and rice from Chino Bandidos

Fish sticks and Totino's pizza rolls

And I had salad and carrots.
(The other children did not want rabbit food.)

Moral of the story: the three younger ones need more cooking lessons.

This is Dr. Carpenstein, signing off.


Eva Carpenter said...

If only you knew someone who coooked...oh well.
Are you sure that's a garage? It kind of looks like an office. I can't remember the last time I rode a bike either. Good for you and Zach being so spontaneous.

Jenny said...

Yeah, Dad bought some filing cabinets from his old office and the only place we have room for them is in the garage. Haha. Maybe next time you're down you can help us in the food department, O Wise Chef Eva. ;)

Seth said...

that's not "our old school bike", that's "seth's old school bike". and it's not even that old, really.

i laughed really hard at the pictures of your bounteous spread. i think it's time to step up your game, jenny,

Sarah said...

hey I have to say it was hard to come up with something to eat when there was NOTHING in the house! And then the next night Jenny, Seth & Jaimee went to Pete's. And the parents & Zach went to Ruth's Chris... probably because oh wait.. There still wasn't anything left in the house to eat!!

Linda C. said...

Now, now children---there is lots of food in the house. You just have to cook it. I think Sarah secretly wants to practice her cooking skills. :)

Kailei Shelley said...

You guys are way too funny! I think your cooking skills are wicked awesome! hee hee. And I love the bikes!!