Thursday, August 26, 2010


End time: 5:50 pm yesterday (give or take a few minutes)

I don't really want to say much about it in case any of you haven't finished it yet (or haven't started but intend to some day in the future).  I'm also not quite sure what I feel about it.  I think, though, there's a good possibility that I didn't like it a whole lot.  But, there are lots of reasons behind that.  Moving on...

I realized a week ago or so that I only have one pair of summer pajamas.  And the pants are kind-of hot (temperature, not fashion-wise--although I still think they're cute).  So, being the extremely crafty person I am (haha), I decided to make my own shorts.  I guess the fact that every pair of pajama shorts I've seen in stores lately hits mid-to-upper thigh helped just a bit.  And here they are!

Yeah, definitely didn't make the shirt.  Thank goodness Target has cheap sleep shirts.
Now, making these should have been easy.  Ha, you forget who's doing this project.  I cut out the pattern wrong, put the first buttonhole in the wrong place, and completely missed the second buttonhole until both legs were already sewn together.  Oh, and then there's that lovely Viking--I shall call him Sven.  That sewing machine and I just don't see eye-to-eye.  Ever.  (He likes my mom, not me.)  I keep telling myself, "Hey, I should go sew something to get better at it.  It'll be fun!"  But, after the first five minutes, I'm usually yelling at something: the pattern, the fabric, Sven, you name it.  I'm not a very patient sewer.  Maybe in time...

Anyways, um...yeah, that's about it. 

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Linda and Rhonda said...

Jenny, it's possible that I love you. Yup, veeeerrry possible! Your jammies look superdy dooperdy cute! Have fun wearing those. And about Sven...I completely understand!