Saturday, April 16, 2011

5 Things I Have Learned At Work This Week

1. People use the strangest capitalization, especially in price quotes.  {Really, is it necessary To Capitalize Every Word In The Sentence?!  I think not.}

2. If you want to fax in an order to Chipotle for lunch for just you, it should be done at least a half hour early.

3. If you're feeling nice and want to help everyone in the office fax in an order to Chipotle for lunch, it should be done at least an hour and a half early.  And you should be prepared to pick it up and cover everyone upfront because they will most likely not have cash on them that day.  {Guess which option I chose this week?}

4. A French accent (possibly French-Canadian--is there a difference?) can be extremely difficult to understand.  Especially if the Frenchman in question is saying his name.  {Oi.}

5. Reading while you eat is apparently bad for you.  It distracts you and messes up your digestion.  {Or so I'm told.}

There's probably more things I could put on here, but that's all I feel like putting on here at the moment.  Sorry for not keeping you all better informed about my life.  Really, I go to work, come home from work, and don't do much else.  I'm starting to make a dress that will hopefully be done by Easter (cross your fingers), so I'm sure I will have stories about that soon.  Sven and I can only play nice for so long...

Happy Saturday everyone!

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Kailei said...

I MISS YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I can't wait to hear the long version of these stories.

On the plus side... I just finished my term paper!!! Cross your fingers for no revisions!

What's your Tuesday looking like???