Friday, July 22, 2011

The Century Mark

Hi people!  So, um...I've turned into a horrible blogger.  Sorry!  Really, nothing else really exciting has happened since I posted last.  This is one of those yes-I'm-still-alive posts.  It's my 100th post, so I probably should share something at least entertaining.  Hmm...

Well, I found out yesterday that one of the guys I work with has the same birthday as me.  I think that's the first ever birthday buddy I've found.  (Don't worry, I already sang the theme from "The Twilight Zone" to him.)  Speaking of which, my birthday is 1 WEEK from today!  Huzzah!  In case any of you don't know (or haven't talked to me in the last...month), I really love my birthday.  And telling everyone that it's coming up.  Seriously, I brought it up the other day with a coworker and some vendors who were setting up a training meeting for potentially that day.  I can't help it...

I plan on having an awesome party to celebrate my birthday, so I'll have to remember to put my camera out and hopefully we can get some good pictures. :)  

I suppose that's all for now.  Dr. Carpenstein out.

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