Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Welcome to the Space Jam...

In honor of my lovely friend Rhonda's birthday, I will finally post about mine.  Haha.  

So, this year I turned 23.  How did that happen?!?!  I don't feel 23!  When I woke up, I found this outside my bedroom:

 Gotta love those siblings!  There were more hearts and a poster outside on the garage door (and on the steering wheel of the car I drove), but I didn't get a picture before the rain washed them away.  Whoops!

Sadly, I had to go to work.  I guess that made me feel like an actual adult--working on my birthday.  As far as work goes, it actually was a pretty nice day.  I had gone out to lunch the day before, so I didn't do anything fancy for that.  Around 3:00, my mother and sister-in-law showed up at work with a big box of brownies (the Pillsbury ones you get at Sam's Club--my weakness).  It was like the day at school I never got--you know how you always got awesome treats on other people's birthdays in elementary school?  Since mine was in the summer, I had never experienced that first hand.  (Not that I'm complaining--a summer birthday is awesome!)  Let's just say that my cubicle was suddenly very popular...Thanks Mom and Jaimee!

After work, we did the traditional Joe's BBQ/Krispy Kremes run, but family-style this time.  (This is possibly the first year my parents have come along for this--usually it's just me and a sibling or two.)  Want to know something horrible?  Krispy Kremes was out of hats!  I know, scandalous, right?  So, we didn't get to take our traditional eating-a-doughnut-with-the-beautiful-hat-on picture, like this one:
Next year, my friends.

Since my birthday was conveniently on a Friday, I just extended the celebrations over to Saturday.  I had to make up for the 8 or so hours at work, right?  Right.  We had some family time (a.k.a. seeing "Cowboys and Aliens"--not really my first choice...) and that night I had some people over to partake in another time-honored birthday tradition: the watching of a really stupid movie.  Don't ask me why, but this is one of my favorite birthday traditions.  I'm weird.  This year's winner was:
Picture courtesy of Amazon
 Oh yes.  It's stupid, and it has Michael Jordan in it.  (It was my Michael Jordan birthday--#23 and all.)  Perfect!  Again, I forgot to take pictures, so...just take my word on it.  People came.  
Like these ones!

And this one!

And we watched the movie.  And mocked it heartily.  Yep, that about sums it up.

Ooh, ooh, want to see one of the cool presents I got?  (And then I'll be done, I promise.  I forgot to take pictures of all of my other presents--I love them too, though, family and nearly family!)  

It's a holder for my crochet hooks!  And fancy new bamboo hooks!  And it's cute!  I am so excited!  (And such a nerd, I know.)

And so, that was my birthday.  Now I can post about new crochet projects!  Yay! 

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Linda and Rhonda said...

Happy Birthday Jenny!!!! To you and me!! :) Oh my gracious, that was a fun night. We definitely need to get some of your princess pictures to you. Thank you for posting! Space Jam = Priceless!