Thursday, August 25, 2011

Mousse Hunt

(Wouldn't it be way more awesome if it was this kind of a moose hunt?
Yeah, I thought so, too.  Sorry--it's not.)

So, last week I ran out of mousse.  When I went to Target to get more, I found that not only were they out of the particular brand I wanted, there didn't even seem to be a spot for it.  Hmm...odd.  (It's not like it's a really special brand or anything.)  I was not wanting to go somewhere else, so I just picked something else that I thought would work.  

What I usually use
What I decided to try out
When I was forced to use the new stuff, I quickly found out one important fact: my hair does not like Tresemme.  At all.  It was the worst bad hair day I've had in a really long time.  Ew.

After work that day, I was determined to get more of my mousse--my hair had spoken and I was powerless to resist.  I headed off to Walmart with my mom, thinking: "They've had this every other time I've gone to Walmart.  No problem."  Ha.  Ha.  Remember how I said it was Walmart?  True to form, they were conveniently out of what I wanted.  So, we tried somewhere else.  And somewhere else.  Finally, one Target, one Fry's (neither of which even had a spot for this mousse--but, of course, they had the shampoo and conditioner.  Does anyone else see a problem with this?), and one Walmart Neighborhood Market later, I finally found it.  At the Walmart Neighborhood Market.  (You better believe I bought two--and seriously considered buying them completely out.)  

*sigh* I guess I'll give Walmart partial kudos for that one.  

And in case you were all wondering (and I know you were), my hair is much happier now.  I'd say we can count the hunt as a success!

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Linda and Rhonda said...

Oh Jenny! That is the worst! The same thing happened to me with my deodorant. Other brands are just not the same. It would be like changing your face everyday. It's an identity thing. I'm glad your hair is happy! Happy hair equals happy person! :)