Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Sorry guys--I'm really not trying to be a horrible life-updating-blogger.  There's just not much to update about.  Work has been pretty demanding lately.  (Ick.)  I'm at an awkward phase where I don't know how selfish I want to be when it comes to working hours.  For example, do I want to leave at 5:00 (when our office "officially" closes), or stay until who knows when to get things done?  Today, I opted for the latter.  Turns out, who knows when was 7:00.  I don't even want to know how many purchase orders I did.  Well, maybe I do.  Tomorrow.

So...that's really about it.  I have a nice time on the weekends (although last weekend I did have to take some work home with me...).  I'm going on a ward campout this weekend.  That should be fun.  Oh, and I played in a Mesa High orchestra alumni concert last night.  Maybe I'll post on that at some point--it was certainly an adventure.

Until then, I am signing off.  Consider yourselves updated.  :)

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Jaimee said...

Sounds like too much working. :) Is that the yearly Gable ward campout? If it is, I want you to post about that. It's sure to be memorable.
Seth and I were just talking about how much fun we used to have on those campouts.