Thursday, September 1, 2011


I'm a bit obsessed with braiding my hair right now.  It probably doesn't look as good as I think it does (after all, I usually braid it myself towards the end of the day because I'm sick of my hair being on my neck).  But, I love it.  Not only does it pull my hair back, it doesn't have the obnoxious back-of-the-head-bump like a pony tail does.  Bliss, my friends.  Bliss.  Now I just need to learn how to French braid.

Hey, does anyone out there know how to French braid?  Can you do it on yourself?  Anyone care to teach me?  (Don't worry, Diana--I'll be talking to you soon.)  

That's all for now.  I just thought you'd all like to know.

Oh, and stay tuned for some exciting news this weekend involving wheels, the color blue, and Glendale.  It shall be an adventure!

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