Thursday, July 22, 2010


Isn't it lovely outside today?  I walked out the door after work and didn't immediately think "Oh my goodness I might die!"  Haha.  Sad that that equals a nice day.

So, I decided to be a good aunt yesterday and finally finish (well, and start, too) the project I told Nephew A I would start after graduation.  (He kept asking me, "Have you graduated yet?  Because then you can start on my snake!"  I forget that that boy remembers everything.)  Hooray for crocheting!

Isn't he cute?

Oh, and remember that hippo I did a while back?  He's finally getting a home!  Turns out (after telling me he wanted the hippo...oh, no, an alligator...or a dragon...or a snake) Nephew B really did want the blue hippo after all.  Hooray!  And they're done at the same time! :)

If only they will play this nicely always...

Get ready, nephews!  Your presents are coming!

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Diana said...

The boys couldn't wait to get home to play with their animals, and have been playing with them ever since! You have got some serious skills!