Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Weight Check

So, I just got on Wii Fit for the first time in about...a year. Apparently I've lost 6.8 lbs since the last time I checked in. Sweet!! Thank you dance class! And...stinkin' Jillian Michaels, there, I said it. (My mom and I have been doing "the 30-day shred" for the past month or so. I want to smack those perky people so bad sometimes...)

*Sigh* I guess this means I'll have to stick with Jillian for a little while longer....


Linda and Rhonda said...

Yay for Jenny! Boo for Jillian's perky minions!!! Yay for Philmont!! Weird, short comment...done!

Ashlee G. said...

Awesome! I hate getting on the wii and it reminding me that I haven't met my goal.

Keep up the great work!