Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Bowling Fiends

Over the past few years, my birthday has morphed into a week- (or two) long celebration.  Not quite sure how, but I'm not complaining.  So, keeping up with that glorious tradition (and not at all due to the fact that Kailei is going to be out of town on my birthday....ahem, ahem...), last night was Birthday Awesomeness: Part 1 (otherwise known as bowling--for free!  Man, am I glad that AMF keeps sending us coupons right around my birthday.)  Here's the crew:

Yeah, we're awesome.

We were definitely the loudest ones there.  (Sarah said she overheard one group specifically ask to get a lane as far from us as possible.  Sorry people...)  But really, how can you not be?  We had to cheer everyone on!  Come on!  We kept looking at the nearly silent groups around us and saying, "Why are they being so quiet?  How can you bowl and not be loud?"  We even joked that we were probably more obnoxious than the intoxicated bowlers.  Haha.  Sad, but probably true.

And now, copious amounts of pictures.  (For a blog post, anyway.  And this isn't even the half of it.) 

Oh, look, it's Brad's Happy Bowling Dance.  

Of course, we couldn't leave without taking some glamour shots among the bowling balls:

I look like a chipmunk.  Eating a bowling ball.

We had ice cream afterward (sorry Kailei and Noor) and...took more pictures!  It was fun!

Ok, maybe a little bit too much fun.

And...we're putting the camera away now.
Thanks for coming, guys!  It was awesome!


Linda Guthrie said...

Just slightly too much fun!! I don't know how bowling can be a silent event, I mean we're not golfing here. Thanks for the super fun evening!!!!

Linda Guthrie said...

Wait a second, I'm not silent if I'm golfing either. Oh, well, I'm just loud!

Linda and Rhonda said...

It's their own fault for not letting us have bumpers! I'm sure we would have been much more quiet if we'd had them...maybe. :) But really, we just had team spirit!! Thanks for the super fun time Jenny! And HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!(when it officially comes)

Katy said...

Happy Birthday Jenny!!

Kailei said...

YAY for Birthday Awesomeness Weeks!!! Bowling was super fun! So glad I could be there... and yes, we will just extend the big day until I get back! WOOT!

Sarah said...

Rhonda, the bowling guy said that after we bowled one frame and decided we wanted bumpers to tell him and he would put them up! We then found out that Jenny was pretty good so you guys didn't need them!
Lol my verification word was... hopwishy!