Wednesday, December 29, 2010

You'd better behave, or else....'ll be forced to wear these!

Yeah, so remember a little while ago when I asked for opinions on these slippers?  Despite some mixed opinions, I decided just to do them anyways.  It was too intriguing of a project to pass up.

Here are some more views:
The one on the left is the bottom--just so you can see the different colors.

With feet inserted.

View from the back.

Ok, so they're not entirely hideous, but as you can see, they look a little wonky with feet in them.  Or at least, with my feet in them, which is what matters.  I was prepared to wear them anyways and face the mocking of my family if they were warm (my feet seem to be cold a lot), but, alas, they are not.  They were really fun to make, though, so I say it's not a total loss.  And if all else fails, I can just take them apart and use the granny squares for something else.  Haha.

(Seth and I were joking that I should use these as a punishment for my future kids, hence the title.  Who knows...)

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Diana said...

Oh these are bad, although not because of your crafting. You are too talented to waste time making ugly things. :) At least you used better colors than the original. These may be an effective punishment...