Tuesday, January 11, 2011

To Boldy Go Where No Volunteer Has Gone Before

...or at least, I hadn't been there.

Today a lady came in to the hospital wanting to know where some classrooms were.  No one really knew where to find them, so I offered to go with her to search for them.  Before we could start that search, though, we needed to go to purchasing.  (I didn't even know we had a purchasing department/office/whatever!  Does this scream "adventure!" to anyone else?  Just me, huh?)  So, off we went to try to find purchasing.  

We passed:
  • The cafeteria
  • Cardon's lobby (where we asked for directions)
  • Several electrical/mechanical closets
  • The morgue (kind-of creepy to be walking down a hallway and see a door that just says "Morgue."  Oh, no big deal...)
  • The mail room
  • Several storage rooms
  • A drinking fountain
  • The purchasing department (it's actually called "Supply Chain Management"--who knew?)
  • And walked into what looked like an indoor loading dock, where someone found us and took us back to the right door.
I was all ready to find some classrooms, too, but other people from the lady's group (including the guy who was giving the presentation she was going to) showed up, so they trekked it together.  Luckily, I'm slightly OCD and I found my way back without any trouble.  (I'm one of those kids that had to turn in a circle counterclockwise if I'd just turned clockwise.) 

I do love my adventures.

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Kailei said...

Hee hee. I really love your stories, Jenny! I'm really looking forward to Friday!