Friday, May 14, 2010

I'm a Smarty-Pants!

When I got home from graduation today, this is what greeted me as I walked through the door:

Thanks for the baby doll, Nephew B! From my room...hmm...

(Yes, I know this is upside-down. That's how it was laying on the rug. I thought you would want a close-up.)

(That's my door, by the way.)

Here is my door.

And this is the pile of Smarties after I gathered them up in my skirt, Belle-style. (You know, with the birdseed. What, you don't remember that? What's wrong with you people?)
That's a lot of Smarties! And my skirt looks slightly psychadelic. Far out, dude...

Thank you Crofts! I love you guys! (And I'm just waiting for Nephew A to ask me when I'm going to make his snake now that I'm graduated, because I know he will. Haha.)

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