Friday, May 14, 2010

Pomp and Circumstance

Let's play "Spot the Jenny"! Come on, it'll be fun. Here you go:

(Yes, I am in there.)

Hooray for graduation!

Some minor details about this morning:
  • I woke up this morning, started sniffing, and realized my nose was bleeding. Great. (I hid some tissues on my person in case it happened again at graduation. Luckily, they weren't needed).
  • On my way to find a drinking fountain, I spotted Katy and Jill. (Hi Katy! And Jill, too, except I don't think she reads this. Oh well, her loss.) In the process of flinging mysel--I mean hugging them, I guess my tassel fell off. Which I noticed a few minutes later when I actually found a drinking fountain (right by my line--dur) and didn't have to hold the tassel out of the water. Hmm...suspicious. After braving the gigantic crowd of capped-and-robed fellow graduates, I found it. On the floor, about 5 inches away from Katy's feet. Haha. At least I graduated with a tassel!
  • Sarah works for GradTrak, the company that was taking the professional pictures of my graduation. She was standing on stage during the ceremony, so I got to make faces at her the whole time to relieve my boredom (there are a LOT of graduates in the School of Liberal Arts and Sciences). It was fun having here there!
  • We got Pete's on the way home. (As in Pete's Fish and Chips. If you haven't eaten there, you have been deprived.) As my nephew would say, "Mmm mmm dewicious!"
That is all for now. I have another post to do today, but it'll have to wait. Stay tuned!


Linda C. said...

Jenny, I love how you write. You have a gift!! I'm so proud of my smarty pants daughter!

Bryan said...

Oh Jenny! I'm so pwoud! :')and fyi, i love reading your's hilarious! Congrats you know, on graduating and such!

Trevor said...

yay congrats