Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Just Doing My Civic Duty

I went to jury duty today. For the first time ever.

I got called in within the first hour or so and was in the same courtroom for pretty much the rest of the day (excepting a few breaks and lunch). It was an...interesting experience. I heard some great stories from my fellow jurors, got to know downtown Phoenix a tiny bit better, and had a delicious bean burro from Carolina's for lunch (and part of dinner...what can I say, I'm slightly obsessed). Oh, and I walked to the light rail station all by myself and didn't even get mugged! Although there was a guy who definitely gave me a longer look than necessary and then tried to engage me in conversation. Sadly for him, all he got in response was a wary look and a very brief answer as I tightened my hold on my gigantic purse (hey, I needed snacks for the day...). Sorry buddy, I have too much experience with the crazy people to trust you.

And for those who are wondering, no I did not get picked to be on the official jury. Phew. That one is going to be pretty nasty...

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