Friday, January 14, 2011


Tonight, I have with me one of my favorite people: Kailei Shelley.  Say hi Kailei!

Hello wonderful Jenny-blog readers!!

Just in case some of you missed our awesome joint post, we've decided to do one every month (alternating blogs, of course).  So you all get a monthly taste of Jenny-Kailei night!  Get excited!

20 minutes later we are at this point in the post... perhaps listening to the Tangled soundtrack was a bad idea... nah!  If only we could show you guys video...on second thought, it's probably good that we can't. :)

Tonight we are going to share with you our top 10 favorite songs to sing along to.  Only 10?!?! But I'm pretty sure that we just oh so dramatically sang along with the entire Tangled soundtrack... ok... maybe 10 is to keep us under control...uh, yeah.  Ok, here we go.

10) "Dig a Little Deeper," from The Princess and the Frog
So we don't listen to this one all that often... but who can argue with the fact that it's fun to sing along with a crazy, blind, bayou woman?  A crazy blind bayou witch doctor woman, to be exact.  Just try not to join in with the gospel flamingo choir.  I dare you.

9) "You're Timeless to Me," from Hairspray
We like singing to this one, but really it just brings up one of our favorite discussion points when listening to the Hairspray soundtrack: how the heck does John Travolta sound like a woman when he's singing in a man's range?!?!  Just forget the fact that it's technically two men singing to each other... accept and move on.  We did. 

8) "Just Around the Riverbend," from Pocahontas
If only our hair looked as cool while we are singing as hers does... We have a bit of hair envy. The song is cool too...Sadly, I have nothing to add.  That pretty much covers it.

7) "True Love's Kiss," from Enchanted 
It's Enchanted, so naturally, we love it.  I'm pretty sure we've listened to this soundtrack in the car more than any other CD.  This one is so much fun to sing because of all the quotable lines... "You were made... To finish your duet!"

6) "Run and Tell That", from Hairspray
I have black people envy... That's why we sing this one.  Yeah, somehow I can't seem to channel quite the same level of cool.  Hmm...

5) "Mother Knows Best," from Tangled
This one is relatively new, hence the lower rating.  Still awesome, though.  We like to sing it because we get to do a lot of awesome voices and arm flailings... probably not a good choice for in car listening... We don't want people to think we're completely insane.  I think they already know... but I guess we shouldn't display it...  

4) "I Won't Say I'm in Love," from Hercules
Getting to sing in an overdramatic tone AND add in 5 extra muses... sign me up!  So many parts to choose from!

3) "Without Love," from Hairspray
By now, I'm sure you're seeing a pattern in where these songs are coming from...but who cares.  Another song with lots of different parts to sing and fun lyrics.  "Living in the ghetto" [plus a knife flip]? Oh ya!  And yes, we do the action along with the song every time.  And yet, Jenny still got in my car every morning... 10 and 2 on the wheel? Only when I'm not making knife signs. 

2) Beauty and the Beast, the entire broadway soundtrack
So we couldn't pick just one... and yes, we know this is cheating a bit...Personally, my favorite parts are when The Beast sings up in the high tenor range and suddenly you think, "Oh, that's what he probably normally sounds like.  Huh."  Plus, I think we both have a secret (or not so secret for me) desire to BE Belle... just saying that I may or may not have a Belle dress and I may or may not have received tickets to Disney on Ice with my 3 and 4 year old cousins... ya.

And...drumroll please....


1) "That's How You Know", from Enchanted
As both of our families know, this is the movie we probably watch together the most often.  But, this song holds a special place in our hearts, mostly due to a certain lyric... We choose not to give it away, because it took an entire semester to figure out what they were saying... you pay the price and you can laugh along with us when the Jamaican man comes in in the middle.  

And now, I leave you all with a challenge: listen to all of these songs.  Seriously.  Or... maybe not.  Whatever. But you won't be sad if you do... PROMISE!

Well, I hope you've enjoyed this at least a little bit.  Thank you for joining me, Kailei!  It was AWESOME!  Oh yes... we will meet up again next month on my blog. Look forward...    


Katy said...

Tim and I have our own version of "Just Around the Riverbend" called "Just Around the Boogerbend." It's all about boogers and sneezing.

Linda and Rhonda said...

Ok, it's official. I LOVE you guys! I'm so glad we get to have sneak peaks into the Jenny/Kailei night fun. Jenny, I love #8. Thanks for making me and Brad watch that movie! Remember how we had that (very loud) discussion in the institute building about how lame Pocahontas was? Guess what we stayed up till 1:30 watching on Wednesday night. :) Great selection!

Jaimee said...

Ha ha -- you girls are funny. I love all of those songs as well. :) I look forward to next months post.

Sarah said...

Ok I have to agree with "I Won't Say I'm In Love" from Hercules. Because Sammi & I like to blair it & sing as loud as we can everytime we are in the car together. It's such a good song!