Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Just because I know you all have been dying to see my volunteer uniform, I took a picture.  *Disclaimer: This picture was taken almost immediately after I got home from the hospital yesterday, so please take that into account.*

Ok, I guess I'll show you my badge, too.

Lovely, isn't it?  I have to say, wearing the almost-scrub/smock shirt and badge does make me feel very official.  (And apparently it looks official, too, because almost everyone is surprised when I tell them I'm a just a volunteer.  I guess that part is printed pretty small on my badge...)  My dad asked me the other day if they call us "grapes" because of our purple shirts--you know, instead of "candy-stripers" like hospital volunteers used to be.  While that would be kind-of funny, I told him that the color is, in fact, eggplant (according to our handbook).  So, I guess you guys can call me that from now on if you really want to...

P.S. After watching "The Little Mermaid" last night, Kailei and I agree that Prince Eric should have been higher on our list.  We hope he'll forgive us.


Linda and Rhonda said...

Why is it that every time I read your blog I leave laughing? You're just too funny! I love your volunteering attire and will from here on out be calling you E.P. (short for Egg Plant...of course).

Katy said...

Prince Eric is indeed very handsome. He's my mother's personal favorite. Ha ha ha.