Tuesday, February 8, 2011

40-Hour Celebration!


I did at least 7 flower deliveries at the hospital today (I think it may have been a bit closer to 10, actually) and went back and forth from the C-wing to the D-wing (opposite sides of the hospital) at least twice.  It was crazy busy!  At least I'm getting my exercise in!  Oh, and remember how I found our supply chain management office one day?  Every single week since, at least one vendor has come in looking for it.  I even learned a new way to get there that is way less complicated.  Whenever a vendor comes in looking lost and needing a badge, Eva (the girl I work with now) just looks at me and I jump up and take them.  I think I've found my niche!

I think my favorite delivery of the day was to a lady whose parents (I'm assuming--maybe not) were in the room with her.  I walked in, said "I have some flowers for you..." and realized that there were already at least 2 other flower arrangements (one of which was HUGE!) and various other gifts sitting all over.  So I changed to "Well, I guess I have more flowers for you."  Haha.  Then there's always the slightly awkward moment when they're looking at the card and you're leaving and wondering "Should I be saying something to them?"  (Saying "Have a nice day!" always feels weird when they're lying in a bed in the hospital.)  As I was backing out, the father figure guy in the room caught my attention and said "God bless you, young lady!"  It was such a nice thing to hear.

The funny thing about walking around with a cart full of flower arrangements is people comment on them.  And of course, me being me, I have no idea what to say.  

Typical conversation in the halls en-route:
Random Person: Wow, those flowers are beautiful!
Me: Yep, they are. [I can't really say "Thanks, I know!" because I in no way contributed to these flowers being beautiful.  They're not even being delivered to me, so I can't take any credit there.]
RP: And they smell so nice too!
Me: Yeah, they do.

Yep, that's about how it goes.  Haha.  I directed and delivered some people around, too.  (In a wheelchair, not the cart.)  I think I've definitely earned my sleep tonight!

Oh yeah--I have officially logged 42 hours and 8 minutes now!  This means that I can switch around and volunteer in other places (i.e. the lab).  I may have to just go in on a different day, though--I don't want to leave the shift I have now!  I'm getting a bit attached...

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Katy said...

Are you at Banner Desert?

If you are, you'll have to pretend to deliver some flowers to me when I'm there having my baby. So you can say hi. Because that would be fun. :)