Monday, February 28, 2011

"In a New York minute....oohweeooh...."

Last Tuesday, I woke up with a plan for my day that looked pretty much like every other Tuesday.

The Plan
7:00--Wake up, shower, eat breakfast
8:45--Leave for work
9:00--Arrive at work and get down to business
11:00--Stop working, eat lunch, switch into my awesome volunteer smock, and head off to the hospital
12:00--Arrive at the hospital and help people (while having fabulous conversations with my desk-mate, of course)
4:00--Leave the hospital for home
4:15-ish--Be home and...well, that's pretty much what the plan was (except for Jenny/Kailei night, of course).

As you probably suspect, my actual plan went nothing like that.  Instead:

The Reality
7:00--Alarm goes off
7:30--Actually get out of bed
8:38--Check my phone and see that an unknown number called me and left a message while I was in the shower.  Listen to the voicemail and find out that it's from a staffing agency saying they found my resume on ASU's Career Link and they think I would be great for a position they're trying to fill.  {OK, random, but not a bad random.}
8:42--Call back the message-leaver, get some info, and agree to meet for an interview later that afternoon.  {You know, no biggie.  It's not like I already have a job or anythi---wait a second...}
8:52--Try to eat breakfast while simultaneously getting references together, e-mailing my boss to tell him what's going on, e-mailing my supervisor at the hospital asking to leave early, updating my resume, and calling my dad saying "What am I supposed to be doing right now?"
10:00--Decide there's no way I'm making it in to work, call in, and continue preparing until it's time to leave for the hospital.
12:10--Arrive at the help desk and find out that my desk-mate's kids are sick, ergo she will not be coming in. Find out that it's just going to be me for the next 3 1/2 hours and my book is at home.  Start panicking...
Several prayers and about 1 1/2 hours later--Stop panicking.  Deal with today's taxi craziness and general everyday busyness that is the front desk.  Make a few really stupid comments (such as asking someone coming in looking for a patient what department the person in question worked in), but overall help people.
3:40--Leave the hospital, put gas in the car, drive to interview.
4:25--Arrive at interview (on time!), fill out paperwork, and have a really nice chat with my (now) good friend Matt.
6:00-ish--Arrive at home
Later--Call my boss to tell him what's going on {and that I'm really not trying to ditch him...}
After later--Decide I'm really sick of calling, e-mailing, and texting people.

OK, that last bit sounds really ungrateful.  This was an amazing opportunity that just fell into my lap--the position they're looking to fill is an administrative position at a biofuel engineering company (pretty much an excellent combination of my work experience--small as it is--and education).  Right now it's just temporary, but there's a possibility that it would become permanent.  After the first interview, my information was passed on to the actual company looking to hire and I had an interview with them this afternoon.  It went pretty well--the people were nice and I didn't say too many dumb things (hopefully...).  I'll definitely keep you all posted. :)

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Kailei said...

What a crazy Tuesday that was! haha. I look forward to the update!