Friday, March 4, 2011

Circles and Squares and Afghans, Oh My!

Hi everyone!  It's that time again--the time where I'm starting a new crocheting project and I desire your input.  The newest one is going to be a blanket made out of a bunch of patterned squares (you can look at the pattern here to see what I mean).  I have already decided that it's going to be awesome.  However, I have a slight dilemma: I can't decide which pattern I like the best.  That's where you come in!  

Which do you prefer?
Option A


Option B

I like them both, but I was really hoping to avoid having a mix of the two.  (I'm slightly OCD, in case you haven't noticed, so planning that out could be a nightmare.)  What do you guys think?


Stacy said...

Option B is my choice! And um yes I'm coming out of the wood works of blog starkerdom and leaving you a comment. Be proud, be very proud! ;)

Stacie said...

I like B!

Diana said...

I like b best.

Linda and Rhonda said...

I chose option B, and it's not just because everyone else is choosing it. I have a reason why. Option A is very nice, it has a settling look to it. Option B just kinda pops out at you and looks super peppy! (I'm pretty sure it's the yellow "sunburst" in the middle that does it.) Anyway, there's my vote!

paula said...

Use both. It will make a more interesting afghan all together. Just be sure that the design you start with on a row is the one youe end with, that will make it more symmetrical.
You can do it, you do have a college degree, let's put it to work:)

Linda C. said...

I like Paula's idea. I like both. Of course anything with yellow has my vote.

Megs said...

Okay I swore I commented but apparently not. I also really like option B. And my reasoning exactly corresponds with Rhonda's :)

Kailei said...

I like option B, but you probably already started, so I am sure whatever you decided is great!

Love you lots!

Seth said...

I like option B, but not for the lame reasons everyone else is giving. I like option B because it looks like a delicious egg. I dislike option A because it reminds me of the gigantic sapphire ring that Prince William gave that trollop "Kate". Bad memories.