Saturday, March 19, 2011

Wedding Week

Hey all!

I realize that I haven't updated in a while (despite promising to do otherwise...).  Sorry about that!  It's been a little crazy at my house lately.  Here's what went down last week:

  • Work
  • Helped Mom with piano group lessons
  • Eva (sister-in-law) and nephews came in from Ohio
  • Work
  • Hospital
  • Helped Mom with more group lessons
  • Turned pages and played a duet at Mesa High's choir concert
  • Breathed a little {just a little, mind you}
  • Worked extensively on making wedding food/watching children while Eva made wedding food {except for Wednesday, I think we stayed up until about 1:30 or 2:00 each night}
  • Clayton (brother) got in from Ohio Friday afternoon {instead of Thursday--gotta love those flight delays!}
  • Seth (my brother) and Jaimee got married!!!
This, my friends, is the real reason for all of the craziness.  Not only was our family in charge of the luncheon (you know, groom's duties and all), but Awesome Chef Eva made all of the food for the reception.  And I do mean all--wedding cake, sheet cakes, pasta, appetizers, etc.  (OK, so she didn't make the cheese and/or crackers from scratch, but you get the idea.)  Notice how she got in on Monday night?  Yeah, we're only slightly crazy.  But, everything turned out in the end, with the help of an army of family members and friends.  Lots of people really like us, it turns out.  

Of course, summing everything up like this means that you're missing out on some of the best stories.  (You all know how much I like my stories!)  But, there's simply not enough time to write them all out.  So, if anyone is curious, the next time you see me ask me about blow-drying strawberries and warm potato salad.  And possibly flavored popcorn (although that will require video and may not be as fun for you as it was for me--just sayin').  

Up next: Adventures in Algae!


    Linda and Rhonda said...

    So...were any pictures taken of the blessed event of the wedding? If so, we definitely need to see some of those! Blow drying strawberries? You've got to be kidding!! I've got to hear that one! I'm glad everything turned out so well and I can't wait for the Algae post! :)

    Eva Carpenter said...

    That was one crazy week! Thanks for all of your and Sarah's help. I had a great crew.