Saturday, March 26, 2011

Weeds of DEATH!

Once upon a time, there lived two fair maidens.  Their cottage was surrounded by a beautiful garden.  One spring morning, the older maiden realized that the garden was not growing as it should.

"Oh no," she told the younger maiden, "the dreadful frost of winter has brought an evil into the shrubbery.  I can hear it whispering its wicked intent to overrun our home.  We must do something!"

The maidens donned their protective clothing, gathered their tools, and set out to put the garden to rights.  As they left the cottage, they met a kind Hedgehog outside their door.

"Allow me to assist you, fair maidens," the Hedgehog said.

"The Hedgehog's sharp spines will make the work go by much quicker!" thought the maidens.  Cheered by this happy coincidence, the maidens entered the garden and got to work.  They plucked out dead branches and leaves with delight and pruned the new growth with their shears.

When the younger maiden was beset with ants, they ran to the good wizard Google to help solve their problem.  "Sprinkle the ants with cinnamon," Google advised, "and they will leave you alone."

Some cinnamon was quickly found, and the maidens did as they were told.  What a pleasant smell filled the garden as they continued to work!

After a short break, the maidens returned to their work, certain that the task was nearly finished.  It was then that the maidens realized the immensity of the problem before them.  They peered at the bushes on the other side of the garden and saw...

The Weeds of Death!

They were hideous!

They were filled with sharp thorns!

"Do not fear, maidens," soothed the Hedgehog.  "I will protect you from these instruments of evil!"

With the help of the Hedgehog, the maidens battled the villainous flora all through the morning.  When the sun was high in the sky, the trio stepped back to admire their victory.

"Is this...[head tilt]...better?"

"It is for today!" the older maiden cried.

The maidens thanked the Hedgehog most graciously for his help and returned to their cottage, confident that the Weeds of Death had been driven least for a time.


Seth said...

what the fair maidens should have asked the wizard google, however, was how to kill bougainvillea.

Kailei said...

Haha. I LOVE it! So very entertaining to read... Though you may not have loved it at the time, it makes for a good story!