Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Top Ten List is Back!!

Hello everyone!  I know you've all been waiting for this.  I have with me tonight (for the last time for approximately 18 months)---Kailei!!

Hello fabulous Carpenstein readers!!!  Yes... I am back. Get excited!

Well, by now, you all know the drill.  Kailei's here, we're already getting a little slap-happy...must be time for a Top 10 post!  Kailei, why don't you introduce the topic?

My pleasure, Jenny! (Drum roll please...)



Oh yes.

Reason #10: Anjelica Huston is one of the good guys.  
Ok, so this one is more for me, and it requires a little back-story.  The only movie I have ever seen her in is Ever After (fantastic movie, by the way).  In that, she is the evil stepmother.  Hearing her voice as the lovely, kind-hearted queen of the fairies is kind of hilarious to me.

Reason #9: It's pretty.  

You really have to watch it to know this... It's true.

Reason #8: Random British people
Because obviously when you follow the second star to the right straight on til morning you end up in Great Britain. What, you guys didn't know that?   It's like Christopher Robin from Winnie the Pooh.  Movies: British accent.  TV show: American accent.

Reason #7: Tinkerbell actually talks!
But only to other fairies... when she talks to people (British people of course) she still sounds like a bell. 

Reason #6: Jenny knows all the names of the fairies... including the actresses who play them (I, on the other hand, just know their talents).  

Umm...I plead the 5th.

Reason #5:  Clank and Bobble.
This one is really for me... I think they are endearing. Plus I let Jenny put Thomas on our top 10 animated men list and I did NOT understand that... she owed me one. Consider the debt paid in full.

Reason #4: Music.
Yes, it is a little weird, but it's catchy!

Reason #3: Kristin Chenoweth!! 
I LOVE her!


Reason #2: Outfits.
If I could pull off a wardrobe of pixie hollow fairy meets Penelope... I totally would! I agree.  And they even change with the seasons!  

Winter is next--get excited people!!


Reason #1: TERRENCE!

Disregard the fact that Jesse McCartney does his voice.  (Personally, I think that's a little weird.)  True... but you get over that fact pretty quickly after looking at Terrence for 2 seconds or so. Hey, we like men fairies (apparently).  So what?

We know that you are all just DYING to watch these movies now... and yes, you can borrow them!  All 3 of them.  They're fabulous!

Well, Kailei, I'd say this has been a very successful post.  Thanks for stopping by!  

Thank you for having me! It was definitely a success... Next time: Top 10 moments in our letters to ARGENTINA!!  Because you know they will be awesome!  Si. 

Good night everyone!  


Linda and Rhonda said...

I am gonna miss these duo posts SO BAD!!! You gals are way too funny and I love reading your conversations via blog. :) Love you two!!

Maddi said...

Hilarious! I loved the top 10! Where has it been all of my life?! :)

Kylie said...

Cute post ladies! And I think they have British people because the AA Milne and James Barrie (sp?)were both British :) Just a thought...but seriously these are so fun to read!