Friday, February 12, 2010

Crazy Kailei/Jenny Tuesdays

I've been in a funk all day today. I don't know why--it's not like anything really bad has happened. It's weird. Let's blame it on med chem. Yes, that will work. Dumb med chem...

Anywho, on to the updates that have been put off for a long time.

So, last week (I think) my friend Kailei and I realized something: we always seem to do really random things on Tuesdays. Such as watching "The Hunchback of Notre Dame" on a "school night". Or "Cinderella" (the really old Julie Andrews/Rodgers and Hammerstein version). The latest installment involved dance shoes and really expensive ice cream.

It all started when I decided that I needed actual dance shoes for my ballroom class (you can only do so much in tennis shoes). So, being the wonderful friend she is, Kailei said she would take me on our way home (I ride with her on Tuesdays and Thursdays to and from school). We got to the store...and it was closed. Lame! We were all sad because this was really the only time I could get out to this place and we couldn't even see any price tags to see if it would be worth it to go inside. Then, as we were about to leave, Kailei realized something--the store was closed on Monday. It was Tuesday. A revelation! After realizing that, we found out that the store opened at 11:00. Current time: 10:50. "Ha," we said, "we can wait 10 minutes." We decided to wander through the shopping complex for the next 10 minutes.

We didn't make it very far. Just around the corner was a Baskin Robbins and it sucked us in. And we had to buy some really expensive ice cream just because we felt like it. Seriously, $3.45 for 2 scoops of ice cream? They were kind-of big, I guess, but really, $3.45.

Anyways, we bought some.

We got Love Potion 31 (white and milk chocolate and raspberry) and Apple Pie a la Mode.

See, don't we look happy?
(Or pirate-ish in my case. Arr...)

It was quite delicious.

As my nephew would say, "It's all gone." (I think the hand gestures would help in this case. Sorry.)

So, we had some pretty awesome ice cream and then the store was opened. The owner was really helpful, but I didn't end up with any shoes. Not to worry, though--I got some later that night at another place. Sorry, no pictures. Right now, anyways.

Moral of the story: umm...Baskin Robbins is expensive? Kailei and Jenny really like ice cream? I don't know. You can pick one for yourself. :)

Dr. Carpenstein out.


Linda and Rhonda said...

Fabulous post my dear! I love your pirate face! I'm glad you guys had fun on your dance shoes/ice cream adventure. :)

Kailei said...

hee hee. I like BOTH morals of the story!!! (grr for expensive ice cream... YAY for yummyness (yumminess?)!) And Yay for crazy Jenny-Kailei Tuesdays!! And yay for Jenny posting about this and me being much too lazy! hee hee