Saturday, February 20, 2010


Anyone know how to rationalize the pKa of a compound by using resonance structures and electronegativities? neither. That might make Wednesday's test a wee bit difficult.



Linda C. said...

Don't know--don't want to know. That is why I didn't take chemistry in college. I'll stick with music. Try to access some of your dad's science genes for this one.

Kailei said...

Well.. *ahem* If it were me, I would take the p and rationalize it with the K and then throw in the electronegatives as an exponent... or possibly a radical... no, no... definitely a NEGATIVE numer... Then I would divide by the remaining "a" and top it all off with dividing by a multiplicity of 2.

But seriously... good luck tomorrow! I know that you will rock it! You are brilliant! But...I agree with your Mom... this is why I do music!

Jenny said...

Haha--Kailei, that sounds like the perfect solution to me! Why didn't I think of doing that? Rationalize with the k... ;)